The Village

The Village is a design-centric children's furnishings and gift shop located in Montclair, NJ.

Exciting Press!

Alexandria PavelComment

Since opening in August, Apple Village has been reviewed in a number of publications, both online and print. 

·Baristanet writes that Apple Village is a “wonderful collection of unique and fun items. The store is beautiful, bright and spacious, allowing shoppers to browse and take their time to look at the variety of unusual items not seen elsewhere. This is definitely not the children’s department at your local big-box!”

·Apple Village was featured as a ‘buzzworthy’ new store in the September issue of Montclair Magazine, distributed to 38,000 homes in Montclair.

·We’re thrilled to be included in MommyPoppins as one of NJ’s Best Independent ‘Back to School’ Shops.